Reader Forum/Questions(Whichever)

So, I thought this might be a good idea, but doesn’t have a good way of having a forum. So, post your questions and/or (obviously) your comments in the comments box and we’ll see where this thing goes. 🙂

-ttfn Satsuki

  1. Oh yeah, and to start out, I would like to address the problem with comments. it has been brought to my attention that no matter how much I change the comment settings, it still requires you to enter your name and email to post a comment. I believe this is so I, as the site admin, can email a person if they repeatedly post offensive comments and ask them to stop. If you enter this once it will remember you and you do not have to enter the info again. If you don’t want to use your actual name, just use a nom de plume. Sorry if this has been an inconvenience!

  2. It would seem as though i should have looked a little closer at the tabs perhaps. Hope it’s no incontinence.

  3. You are so stylish and awesome! I just wish you would post more often!

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