End of the World

Red Stuff:  Fire –  Blood – Rudolph’s Nose – Australia(which is presumably on fire right now) – Dead Poinsettias – My dress. Perfect for the End Of The World.

In all likelihood, you have probably already listened to this song this morning.


Sweater Gap

Dress-Threads(A consignment shop in Morro Bay)

Tights- I don’t know exactly

Boots- 1990 Eddie Bouwer



Today has been busy and there is much to do before I go to sleep. But that’s finals week for you! (Even typing the word “sleep” is making me tired right now) I think my desire to go straight back to sleep this morning may contributed to the abundance of neutrals that I’m wearing…

Musical Inspiration- 1234 by Feist



Dress(underneath the sweater)-yardsale

Tights-my mom’s closet


Scarf-Casey scarf(Thanks for the awesome Christmas present Casey! 🙂 )

-ttfn Suki

Outfit of the Day #2

Don’t let the sunlight fool you. Today in the town of ******* , it was extremely cold and everyone was dressed in layers (which looked really silly under the golden rays emanating from the sky). On this blustery day I was fortunate enough to have found my mom’s sweater from the 80’s while looking through her drawers for a warm enough sweater. Let me tell you, I was psyched!

Joke Time!…. A black bear and a white bear are in a forest when it starts raining. The white bear starts to dissolve. The black bear panics and asks what he can do, to which the white bear replies, “It’s ok. I’m a polar bear!”


My musical Inspiration/Mind Worm of the day: Australia by The Shins




The lighting in the second picture is more accurate as far as colors go.

Earrings-Native American history museum on the East coast

Sweater-Macy’s circa 1982 via DeLorean


Shoes-Converse, but the color is the product of much dirt, grime, wear, and also tear

-ttfn Suki

Fulfilling Facebook Promises:Day 1

As those of you who follow my Facebook page may know, I have promised to start doing daily outfit posts. So, without further ado, here is Day 1!



Scarf-I don’t know

Sweater Forever 21



Skirt-Forever 21


-ttfn Suki<3


A Beautiful Day

Today has been a lovely day in the valley and I am rather proud of this particular hippie-esque outfit. Most of it I created and its entirety only cost me about $12. These pictures sort have the feel of today. While you’re reading, I suggest you try this amazing hippie-cult-revival tune. (And maybe a few other songs:) )

 I sometimes borrow these sunglasses from my sister, Mei. She purchased them from Charming Charlies.

My belt is my mom’s from the 70’s and it has a sort of floral and western style.

The tye-dye I dyed myself at camp. It used to be a lot more vibrant until I washed it, but I’m still rather proud.

My shorts I bought as pants at the Goodwill for $2, then cut them off then folded and tacked them with thread.

My shoes are Sperry topsiders that were a gift from my grandmother. Thanks Bam!

Both my rings and my bracelets are made out of guitar strings from when I changed the strings on my guitar. Next time I change my strings again, I will show y’all how to make these! 🙂

This is simply a guitar string ring hung on a strip of leather I found about the house tied around my neck.

I bought these earrings many years ago at a Native American history museum for about $10.

Well that’s all for now! I hope you have a wonderful, amazing, sunshiny day!

-ttfn Suki