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Ahhh Boxing Day

[When I sat down at my laptop this afternoon, I realized that after composing this post last night I never actually hit the “Publish” button. Sorry for this being a day late!] Hello! Here we all are again:boxing day. For those of you who, like me have looked at your calendar for years and thought “Boxing Day” ¬†was the U.K.’s version of the Superbowl(Of course that’s why it’s on your calendar!) but with boxing(they of the flying like butterflies and stinging like bees) let me just tell you how wrong we all were! Boxing day is a day in all the English-speaking countries, except the U.S., have a bank holiday and a crazy amount of sales. According to Wikipedia, this sale day is SOOO BIG that it is comparable to Black Friday. But for us here in the U.S., it’s a depressing day in which Christmas is over. Just an interesting tidbit for you there. On another note, how have your holidays been?


My mom apparently did all her Christmas shopping with my grandma at Target so everything except the earrings(Uncommon Goods), the socks(The Sock Shop), and the purse(Threads) were from Target. So when faced with a pile of brand new clothes, I did what any self-respecting teenage girl would do on boxing day; I put them all on at once, leaving with me the feeling that Target should be paying me for this(Hey you guys at the promotion department, would you consider this proposition? ūüėÄ ).


I absolutely adore these earrings, even though they are slightly disrespectful. The words on them put me in mind of the¬†Cage the Elephant¬†song, In One Ear (followed by the rest of the line “and right out the other”).


I have now (sort of)mastered the elusive sock bun! For some reason, sock buns have always been hard for me to do. I would blame my hair, but that would be rude to my hair as well as entirely untruthful.


Owls. My uncle asked me at Christmas why they are such a thing among today’s youth. I told him something about fads, copycats, and how ¬†big and pretty¬†Zooey Deschanel’s eyes are. But really, I have no idea. But, I mean come on, OWL socks!!

-ttfn Suki