Hey. Hey! Yeah…you! Hi I’m Suki.

Hi! I am Satsuki Zingg, advocate of style, student, self-proclaimed nerd/geek, well-wisher, rainbow watcher, music appreciator, hopeful  first  female re-generation of the Doctor(I must dye my hair ginger first!), and a variety of other things. I do all these things while living with my lovely parents Stone and Antoinette and my beautiful sister Mei in our house located in the California Central Valley. With them I enjoy life in the sun and the colour orange. I created this blog to share my ideas on “free-form” fashion(no more pigeon holing) and thrifting. So, like, subscribe, comment and, of course, Enjoy!! Double 🙂

  1. It may be a bit a bit intrusive to ask. But then hey, we all need to take a leap of faith once in a while.
    Favorite Doctor?
    Tea or Coffee?
    and last but not least important,
    How are you today? 🙂

    – Murphy

    • Matt Smith;I identify with his hyper scatterbrained-ness and his hair is brilliant.
      Tea? Coffee? Depends how angry I feel at my alarm clock in the morning.
      Iv’e been better. It is Monday after all but other than that, great thanks!

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