New Music and Stuff

So, I listen to music when I’m getting dressed and more often than not, the music I play determines the feel of my outfit. These are my new morning/obsessively-listening-to songs this week:

Broken Bells– This band gives me sort of an electronic, 80’s, alternative pop vibe, which may sound weird but is super awesome.

Of Monsters and Men– I know they are everywhere on the radio, but I still can not get enough of this song!

Mumford and Sons– Again with the radio, but still they are really fitting my mood right now.

The Black Keys– I will never listen to the Black Keys too much. It is not possible.

Ok Go– This is my favorite band, so to save your time I will only mention them this once because they are on all my playlists.

Well that’s all the music for this week.

-ttfn Suki


About SatsukiZingg

Hey there you! Nice to meet you! My name is Satsuki Zingg. I was born and raised in a small town in the Central Valley of California and am the daughter of an almond/walnut farmer. I am...well, I am an interesting person. My absolute favorite colour is orange, I love the words "via", "debacle", and "oscillate", and if it was legal to own a slow loris, I would. This list could just go on and on, and since I'm not especially good at the About Me things, this is where i must say au revoir! :)

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