A Bird in the Bush

So, if I seem to be back tracking a lot recently it’s because I am. I have a plethora of un-used pictures that I just never found the time to post. So, yeah, that’s the explanation for the long sleeves which have long since been abandoned in the valley, due to the change in weather and the fact that if you wore long sleeves now you would probably be condemned to the asylum.

Long sleeve t-shirt – I honestly can’t remember

T-shirt – TJMaxx

Jeans – Lucky

Shoes – Tom’s

Earrings – Target

Necklace – Cool/awesome birthday gift from my friend

Bracelet – Also a birthday present (and in case you can’t tell from my shoddy camera work, it’s made of pennies with Doctor Who saying etched in them such as: “Allons-y” “Timey-Wimey” “Hello Sweetie” and “Bad Wolf”)


About SatsukiZingg

Hey there you! Nice to meet you! My name is Satsuki Zingg. I was born and raised in a small town in the Central Valley of California and am the daughter of an almond/walnut farmer. I am...well, I am an interesting person. My absolute favorite colour is orange, I love the words "via", "debacle", and "oscillate", and if it was legal to own a slow loris, I would. This list could just go on and on, and since I'm not especially good at the About Me things, this is where i must say au revoir! :)

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