Shoes to the Tune of my Heart

New shoes! It’s so cliché to be excited about shoes, I know, but these shoes are like the song my heart sings in the spring(oh no, here comes cheesy-corny Suki): bright colorful and the world allows you to stand tall(6 feet tall in this case) again after the brilliant cold of winter bent you low to the ground with its dreary indoor-ness.


Or, you know, they could just be cute shoes that make me feel super tall.

-ttfn Suki


About SatsukiZingg

Hey there you! Nice to meet you! My name is Satsuki Zingg. I was born and raised in a small town in the Central Valley of California and am the daughter of an almond/walnut farmer. I am...well, I am an interesting person. My absolute favorite colour is orange, I love the words "via", "debacle", and "oscillate", and if it was legal to own a slow loris, I would. This list could just go on and on, and since I'm not especially good at the About Me things, this is where i must say au revoir! :)

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